Our story

To know what we’re about, let’s first answer what’s behind the name Lua Wellness Retreats.

Luahere means in Vietnamese:

Rice: a great Vietnamese staple, and a storied symbol of provision, entrenched in daily life and used in festivities.
Silk: quintessence of Vietnamese national culture, traditionally considered extreme luxury and associated with nobility
Fire: Vietnamese have a spiritual connection to the element, denoting passion, wealth and energy

The rice plant, a very familiar and simple image associated with Vietnamese people for many generations, has become a symbol of the village, and more broadly, the people and the country. Silk is known as a characteristic of Vietnamese culture in the eyes of international friends through the image of Ao Dai, elegant silk scarves and other traditional garb. Lua is fire – one of the five basic elements. It is a symbol of immortality in Eastern-Asian and Vietnamese culture.

From this, Lua Wellness Retreats authentically represents Vietnamese nature, culture and people.



Our mission is to immerse visitors on a spiritual journey and experience the discovery of natural beauty.

But equally important, Lua also means Choice.

Surely what we always aim for when making any choice is to create a better life. Choice, opportunity, and change are all involved and we are the ones to make that choice. The opportunity to create a different outcome is in your hands. If you choose to take a chance, you would gain more memorable and life-changing experiences. The foundations of a healthy body and a peaceful mind will help you make the most perfect choices.

Lua Wellness Retreat goes well beyond just an escape.

Here at Lua, we take care of the physical & mental health of all visitors beyond the needs of classic travels. The process of self-healing your soul and recovering your physical health in a busy life like today is crucial. We understand that and aim to empower travellers to be active in their own lives through inspirational wellness retreats.

We bring a new definition of wellness and self-discovery travel by integrating healthy lifestyles into every Lua Wellness Retreats trip. Our trips are a combination of body-mind-spirit therapy programs and activities to experience moments of relaxation while immersing in majestic nature.

In addition, Lua Wellness Retreats’ dedicated expert will suggest all experience journeys including nutritional meals during the vacation. Wishing to help each visitor improve their physical health and mental comfort. Each specialist is trained in their respective fields to accompany visitors in the journey of “healing the soul, renewing the body”.

What makes Lua Wellness Retreats different?

In this relentless modern world, we always seem to be up against time and work pressure, while taking care of family matters and relationships while somehow fitting whatever ‘me’ time we can get. Whether it’s hunched in an office space, having to run deadlines until late at night or close ourselves in the house with other unnamed jobs, we can truly have a space that’s for ourselves. And it seems that we have gradually forgotten the simple joys that still exist in this life and taking care of our own souls.

If you are feeling exhausted on life’s journey, then experience Lua Wellness Retreats’s Wellness tours. We are here to bring you to the majestic nature in the beautiful country of Vietnam combined with body-mind care & healing.

Our humans

Hello, my name is Julie.
My job, a travel specialist, along with huge passion on travel give me opportunities to trip through my entire Vietnam, from North to South, mountain to the sea.
It turns out as new chapter of my life since I enter Lua Wellness Retreats, where I can meet amazing travelers from all walks of life. I love listening to their stories, creating beautiful travel plan and taking the best care of their lifetime vacation.
It is always my passion and I am here to help travelers from far and wide, coming our way fulfilling their dream.